If you are like me, the month of February always makes me think of love. Knowing that this is a 2 month I like to check and  see what the meaning of the number 2 is with angel numbers. “Keeping the Faith.” With that being said it’s a great reminder for us to remember just how much we are truly loved by our Creator and Angels!

Many times we get caught up in the day-to-day distractions and the chaos of the world. Which in turn has a way of pulling us further and further away from our hearts desires. Forgetting to call upon our beautiful spirit team to help us, or distracting us from recognizing the blessings that they have had a hand in.   While answering our prayers.  Not to mention how the lower energies have attached to your auric field. Which can have a way of tugging at your own self acceptance and self-love.

So February is a wonderful month to spend some quality healing time focused on you. This can be done many different ways. But just know it does not have to be difficult. Wether you can spend five minutes or a whole hour, just enjoy the process. This is a time you can recharge your body. Address an issue you want to solve. Ask for healing, guidance or anything else you may need. Let’s start!

Just know anytime you ask the Divine for help they will immediately go before you to provide that help.  Keep in mind it may not appear in the form you envision it.  However it will be exactly what your soul needs.

First find a peaceful, comfortable place to sit. I try not to lay down so I do not fall asleep. I love to have my shoes off as well.

Say out loud or think about your intention. Then begin to breathe in through your nose. Visualizing your Creators love and light filling into every cell of your body.

Say aloud or think inside your mind: “I call upon my higher self, my Creator, my Angels and any other Spirit Team to help me (use the specific angel if you know their name) to spread Divine love throughout my body. Finding any areas that need healing physically, emotionally, spiritually and or karmically. Please remove those things and or situations with the Creators white light.

Continue to breathe in through your nose and shortly hold while visualizing the beautiful white light.

Most people will begin to feel relaxed, peaceful and sometimes emotional from the feel of this Divine love. You may even feel chills or have a warming sensation come over you. This can be a sign that your spirit team is around you.

Pay attention to how you feel, thoughts that pop into your mind, or gut feelings. These are answers to your intention question that you put out there.

Now say: I release this (what it is if you know) with the help of my Divine Spirit team.

Lastly, trust and allow that this issue is totally turned over to your Creator and ask that your Divine Spirit team to continue to heal with love.

Let’s work on the month of February being a beautiful time for unconditionally loving yourself and keeping the faith.

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Sending you XOXO, Stacie Overman

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