Stacie Overman

After her battle with breast cancer in 2006, Stacie was gifted with this amazing ability of communicating with Angels. It has taken her a while to figure it out and she is still learning more and more everyday. Stacie is confident that she has been chosen to communicate on behalf of the Angels. Crazy as it may sound. It is very beautiful. She has been studying all forms of Spirituality over the last few years. More recently has started giving psychic and mediumship readings for others.

Stacie appeared on the docu/reality TV show Ghost Mine on the Syfy network, with her husband, Larry for two seasons. She has appeared on many local and regional TV commercials over the last 25 years. Stacie is currently writing her own book about her cancer journey as well as a children’s book about angels. Which will include her very own artwork. When she is not busy with all of these things she spends her time painting angels and traveling.