I wanted to impart the benefits of meditation and grounding to the readers of this post. As a person who has had a desire to help others throughout my life, combined with studying energy and its effects in this universe, studying myself and observing clients for years, I saw how important it was to move through feelings and energies. When life gets a tough, reprieve and support are very much-needed, and not always easily available for us to do, so it is good to have a few tools in place.
After dealing with breast cancer, I now am fully aware how important self-care is. Part of these angel readings I give are specifically created to focus on just that, but sometimes there are energies, experiences and buried feelings that might come up that need processing after we haself-care with stacie overman cancer survivorve spoken. What self-care looks like differs between people and what works best for them. However, meditation and grounding, which are almost synonymous in many ways, are at our fingertips with a bit of practice, free things that you can do alone or just about anywhere when needed. I myself have learned to do some grounding techniques, like taking five deep breaths. That immediately slows down the heart and the mind follows. But for meditation, I have my own, or do guided groundings, or something that will help my mind focus. We are socialized to engage, so looking deep within can bring up some fears, feelings, and energies we find difficult to process. Grounding along with meditation opens the mind while slowing down the heart and reducing cortisol buildup.

Knowing every person needs a moment of calm and quiet in their lives, I see so many people not taking thiswww.stacieoverman.com meditation time to be able to process what is going on in their lives and the world surrounding them. And that part of getting beyond the mind thinking the same thing over and over again, thinking we need to take care of everything ourselves; it is good to realize it is good to ask for help. We all have guardian angels, and there are so many times I know I was protected. This is something I can share and help you with. I can facilitate getting in touch with the angles and deliver messages they want to impart to you, to help you in your path in life. Here is the page for making an appointment:  HERE.  I also can help to provide you with some relief and grounding as I do my work when delivering the reading.

Sometimes in life we hwww.stacieoverman.com psychic mediumave big lessons that come around and teach us to be better to ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to not only get through life, but to really LIVE.  Mediation, grounding, knowing we are loved, and
surrounded by angels and guardians are things that can help during difficult times. It is really good to take five minutes per day, or even take five deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Imagine vibrant green roots growing from your feet to the earth and bright white light extending from your head to the heavens, grounding yourself.

Take five more breaths and feel energy around you coming in to provide you sustenance, while you breath out negativity of the day.  Self-care is a divine responsibility!  Take in account the fact that you are loved and alive. Check out how to start healing your chakras while meditating.  I have the root chakra insight HERE.  When you need that extra help, or need some questions answered, that is where I can help and provide gentle kind and truthful answers. Click here to learn more about me HERE.  Join me in the commitment to meditate for the next 3 to 5 days.  Let’s start together now!

Angel Blessings, Stacie Overman


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