Free 3 Angel Card Reading with Stacie Overman at the Geiser Grand HotelLooking for some good fun for the halloween weekend?  Well my husband, Larry Overman, and I have been invited to be some of the special guests to attend the Wicked Ways Masquerade Ball in Baker City, Oregon.  The Geiser Grand Hotel was featured on our TV show, Ghost Mine, in 2013.  Due to the hotel being well-known for it’s own hauntings from the souls of the past.  We are honored to be a part of this second annual event!

I will be offering the guests a FREE 3 Angel Card Reading during the event.  In the well known library upstairs.  Plus my angel artwork, originals and prints, will be on display and for sale.  If you are new to having a reading you may want to watch my video below.  I made this video for the new year of 2016 to show what the Archangels wanted us to know for that first weekend of the year.  The 3 card pull I will be doing for each of you will simply be asking what message our Creator and your Angels have for you that evening.

I personally have experiences with the spirits that still haunt this hotel.  In fact our last visit there I had a gentleman soul hanging out with us in the library during our tour.  He was singing a song and was enjoying the presents of the little girl that was with us.  If you are looking for a great event to attend – have an excuse to dress up, party and have an angel card reading, this is your kind of event!

Tickets can be purchase at: The Baker County Press

I will be holding a group psychic medium reading the night before in the library!  Friday October 28th at 6:00 pm.  Now to clarify how the group readings work – your reading is private.  We are simply meeting up as a group so everyone attending can talk about their hopes for their reading.  One by one each person will come in the the library with me for their reading.  It is super fun and filled with light and love!  I love seeing each person come out of their reading and hearing about their experience.  Not everyone wants to share.  But there is alway smiles and sometimes happy tears.  If you would like to hold your spot for the group reading BOOK NOW.  This event is limited to only six blessed guests.  So do not hesitate to hold your spot today!

I am excited to see you there!!

Angel Blessings, Stacie

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