Have you ever wondered what happens to us after we die? Most people think about it from time to time, but they don’t really know. However, experiences from a small group of people (myself included) may offer clues. Our near-death experiences, or NDEs, offer a tantalizing glimpse of life after death, and may help to answer the question of what happens to our souls once we die.

People around the world have been reporting the effects of NDEs for centuries. They commonly happen when a person dies, but is brought back to life in some way. In today’s day and age, with medical miracles of all kinds, NDEs seem to happen more often. They are now even being studied scientifically.

Near-death experiences happen when someone dies, yet is brought back to life. Breast Cancer Survivor www.stacieoverman.comFor me, this happened because of cancer, though others have died in an accident, during surgery, or because of illness. Those of us who have been brought back to life report very similar sensations. In the process, we’ve also lost our fear of death … we know what waits in the other side, and it is beautiful! (Read about What Cancer Taught Me)

After my first breast cancer surgery, I was in a black space filled with feelings of peace and love. I could hear them calling my name, but it sounded like they were miles away. Most NDE survivors report a feeling of complete and utter peace and security. They feel loved beyond measure as they float, bathed in a bright light. Many report out-of-body experiences where they float above their bodies, viewing everything that’s happening in the room. Many enter a tunnel of light, and report being greeted by deceased loved ones, even beloved pets.
Out of body experience www.stacieoverman.com
The shock of returning to my body was something else! The medical personnel put something into my IV that made my heart feel like it was going to come out of my chest; it was pounding as though I’d run a marathon. I felt the tremendous weight of my body, and the heaviness was almost overwhelming. I felt as though I was having a panic attack. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was the cross on top of the hospital. I was so confused; I didn’t know if I was alive or dead!

At some point in NDEs, patients find themselves back in their own bodies, whether voluntarily or with great reluctance. Those of us that return are often changed. They become more compassionate, more spiritual, even intuitive. Many NDE survivors have a fuller understanding of their purpose on this earth. They lose their fear of death — after seeing what awaits us on the other side, we know there is nothing to fear.

When I was brought back from death and began to awaken, it was a crazy time! Suddenly I could see and feel things that nobody else could see. My sense of intuition was heightened; even my premonitions began to come true! My psychic abilities flourished, and I was able to talk to my guardian angels and spirit guides. . They’ve had a life changing epiphany, one that nobody else seems to understand. They may have trouble talking about it, or trying to understand the messages from their angels. It can be a confusing time, one that causes anxiety for many. In my case, everyone was focussed on saving my life from cancer; I wasn’t able to deal with the near-death experience until much later. I can help you learn to navigate and alleviate the anxiety and confusion that surrounds these events.

Have you had a near-death experience? Are you experiencing things you can’t explain, or seeing things that nobody else can see? Perhaps you are undergoing a spiritual awakening as a result. I can help! As a gifted psychic, I’ve survived my own NDE, and understand the anxiety that it causes. For tips and resources on how to manage these new experiences, alleviate anxiety, reduce confusion, and feel at peace, join my Facebook group today. Join us for NDE anxiety relief tips! http://bit.ly/2pynJf4.

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