I had the honor of visiting HEAVEN!  Yes that is correct, heaven!

For many of my clients I get a sneak peek into heaven when I meet their loved ones on the other side. But when it comes to myself checking in on my own loved ones, it is more difficult. Many times a psychic medium needs to see a fellow pier to have their own reading. However this week I got to work with an amazing awakened friend, Hank Jones ii.  He does many wonderful things for helping others to awaken and peek into their spiritual journey. I was blessed with experiencing a guided visualization session with Hank.

Per his suggestion I prepared a list of questions that were important to me. I wanted to dive straight into where I came from before this earthly body, that is. I wanted to know what I did before I choose to come here.

Many of you are a lot like me. As in most of my life I’ve experienced déjà vu, I know things that I couldn’t explain the how or why’s.  I have visions of things that happen but then they don’t actually happen till much later and on and on and on.

light beings www.stacieoverman.comI spoke with my Angels for guidance and received a larger understanding of who I am and what my purpose is here on earth is.  I also found out what my light body being was before I choose to come here.  As well as getting a few sneak peaks into what I go when I am sleeping here on earth.  Way some days I am simply exhausted when I awaken in the morning.  Plus a quick bounce into my future!  Ah-maa-zing!





I am so blessed to have met Hank Jones ii!!  He held a Guided Visualization Session with me so I could experience this blessing!!

Here is my amazing session CHECK IT OUT!

If you would like to do this too. Hank said he will give you $25 off the cost if you tell him you heard about it from me.

If you would like to connect with him  on his website ➤ CLICK HERE.  *An UPDATE about my Dear friend Hank Jones ii.  As of February 21, 2017 Hank has passed away to be in Heaven.  I know for all of us here on earth will miss him greatly!

Thank YOU, Hank Jones!  You have a beautiful soul journey helping others here on earth.

Love and Light, Stacie Overman

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