I didn’t know how I would react and deal with cancer, until it happened to me. A cancer diagnosis is a deal breaker for the way it was. We build our lives on the hope that we will dodge the “C” bullet, and we live our lives accordingly. And then that dream is shattered.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was living a full and happy life. I was married, had a great career as a talent agent, looked forward to a future in front of the camera as a part time actor and model, and helping others achieve their dreams in the entertainment industry. Then everything screeched to a halt. What once seemed important—meeting goals and timelines, now took a back burner to fear, the unknown, confusing decisions, and facing my mortality. And that is the biggest wake up call. It calls for a strength none of us know we have until we are challenged.

I had to make choices about my treatment, and learn to live with fear of the unknown. But, every day I showed up. I showed up with as much love, faith and grace that I could muster. My new family formed and my circle of love extended to the medical workers, the X-Ray technicians, the nurses and my doctors. We were a team with one goal in life—Kick Cancer’s Butt.

I chose to share my journey in a public way, because in part that is what I have always done. Not to have the luxury of focusing solely on myself, my husband was also battling cancer. Because of the unique situation we were both in together, the media started calling. Even Oprah! So, we shared our story, shared our ups and downs, our fears and our faith. It was not meant to be that we would both cross the finish line to recovery. My husband lost his battle. There is one thing I know for sure. When we go through a life altering experience, we can become frozen in fear, or we can create our New Normal. There is hope on the other side, as long as you keep your eye on what is most important. What became important to me was to keep faith, knowing that things will get better.

Make sure you put your own style, and your unique signature on your struggles. Stay creative, find humor and surround yourself with loved ones. Triumph is one tiny step at a time. For inspiration, I have included this video of a doctor, going into surgery for a mastectomy, finding a way to put her own spin on her treatment!

Love, Stacie

Angelic Blessings, Stacie Overman


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