Awakening is a big word, as is enlightenment. Are you curious or simply browsing for the next big thing? The “browseres” can now click to another website, because this will become way to serious. The curious one’s are obviously driven by some of the big questions of mankind. I hope to shine a little light for you searchers (finders) to make the next steps on your path with confidence. That’s my purpose of being on earth with you: Being light and helping with shining a light where it is needed. Who or what I am is a different story, this is about you.

How to identify something you don’t know? And how do you know, that you are “it” or “there”, whatever or wherever that might be? Firstly, let’s recognize that you are not sick! You are obviously comparing symptoms of a list with something that might or might not be happening to you, like asking Doc. G. which sickness you caught on the train today from this sick looking one right next to you. 

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We are living in a time with people looking for evidence based experiences, i.e. you don’t trust your perception and you are not trusting yourself enough to make primary experiences. And even more so, if there is no selfie or other tangible evidence, it might not have happened at all, because you don’t have anything to prove it (i.e. share it on Instagram). 

Donkey’s question – Are we there yet?

Unfortunately, lots of people search the internet for evidence to prove their existence or at least to make sense of it. They look through popular lists to identify themselves with something other people have or think to have experienced. That seems to give them a sense of belonging, fighting their loneliness and heartfelt life’s emptiness. 

The New-Age culture of experiencing yourself (mostly publicly) hasn’t helped either. Instead of sharing they had to show of orgasms in public for that’s how real awakening looks like, or doesn’t it!? You certainly have been told or read somewhere that you will experience something when your awakening is happening or enlightenment comes over you. Why would you have stayed with me otherwise until now?

By this time, my guess, 80-90% of readers dropped out because that was way too boring. What keeps the circle small that we share our knowledge with. That’s good. We is my presence here, my higher Self and my soul tribe. Only the one’s willing to look behind the veils of obstruction and beyond silence will first get a glimpse and later on dive into what already has happened but will only be shown in in the future.

A Little Change In Perception

Let’s now change the word “symptoms” for “indicators”. You are looking for indications that you are on a path to awakening or enlightenment. The small change in words makes a big difference! It is the subtlety of perception. Symptoms are for a diagnosis but your are neither sick nor are these indicators all receivable by your bodily perception. Your curiosity and endurance to stay with me is a first indication that you are on a path to awakening. Because once you entered it and “got hooked” no-one and nothing outside will be able to stop you – only you can. There are different paths you can take to further your development, but that’s a different story. What can change when you enter and follow the path to awakening to your real Self!?

The Self is Shining Through

I suppose you quieted your mind. Any path you take, quieting your mind is the first step. You will enjoy the silence that comes with it once you learned to appreciate it. In case you feel missing the mambo-jumbo of the mind, that is your mind talking. Your mind will always try to win his way back into your life as long as you are breathing. In the background of the silence your Self is waiting for you. Once you realized it and became aware who you are, your Self will have the chance to come through. 

is the first step. You will enjoy the silence that comes with it once you learned to appreciate it. In case you feel missing the mambo-jumbo of the mind, that is your mind talking. Your mind will always try to win his way back into your life as long as you are breathing. In the background of the silence your Self is waiting for you. Once you realized it and became aware who you are, your Self will have the chance to come through. 

Now we can leave the plain of the mind. Most things I describe from here on are not really describable in words, therefore merely a glance of reality, because with leaving the mind behind we leave the restrictive coding of language. I will therefore try to describe it in verbal-pictures. The mind is not able to perceive what is real, it is made as an obstacle for you to overcome. Doesn’t sound fair? You agreed to this, but that’s a different story.

Nothing has really changed but the whole world suddenly did. You might see, hear, taste, smell and feel the world around you for the first time. All your senses that normally and primarily  drove your mind and emotions are now freed. You are free to experience them because the witness of the experiences is now awakened in you – your true Self. It might be overwhelming but realize who reacts and stay with the self. Neither the mind nor the body are important from this point forward. You might fall back into mind and emotions or feel like being pulled back, that’s o.k. Calmly come back into the silence and make place for the Self. 

The world is suddenly filled with only beauty – which you recognize as truth and love. These three will become synonym for you. And in case you understand this without explanation, you have another indicator.

Some Might Recognize a Change

With the Self in the lead your behavior will change. You can suddenly see and overcome conditioning of any kind. Lots of interaction in your life is based on conditioning and action/reaction-patterns. Once realized they don’t work anymore – or at least they shouldn’t work anymore. That definitely will make you awkward for a lot of people that know you and interact with you regularly, e.g. instead of engaging into lengthy conversations when people tell me that they have a problem with me I simply answer: “That’s o.k.” and go my way. 

Everyone has his/her own movie and tries to pull people into it for playing an imagined role in it. You can decide which movies you take place in and which role you play. People need drama, action or comedy in their life. They are looking for background actors, main characters, staffers for scenes etc. you are aware of these interactions and inter dependencies and can freely decide where and how to engage. I mostly decide to not enter a  movie because I like to live and create reality and not another dream/movie.

A Self realized being can’t easily be triggered socially, emotionally or intellectually anymore. But be aware, you too have your beloved triggers that you cared for – sometimes for ages. With awakening you don’t become suddenly a saint. You are realizing all your actions, behavioral patterns and all the interactions around you in all their depth and shallowness.

Some might call you cold or hardhearted because you don’t share their feelings as you used to. Don’t be tempted into mimicking how you once were. Stay true to your Self. You will now get the true meaning of compassion and empathy. While people still try to suck you into their life’s movie you are able to watch it and offer what seems best from an eternal perspective. It is their choice but mostly people love their dramas. You will lose friends and connections this way!

On the other hand people you never recognized might appear in your life for the reason that you have changed. Also animals and small children will recognize the change. Think of them as pure or un-dazzled by the social shimmer and shining that people surround themselves with. You will get help and support from unforeseen places when you stay on your path.

Change in Perspective

That is something that truly rocks and changes every stone in your world. The hermetic principles (e.g. as above, so below) will become meaningful to you and with some more development you will be able to look beyond them. You can see from an eternal perspective and you are no longer limited to your eyesight restricted view.

As above so below www.stacieoverman.com

It might start very subtle or very abrupt. You might ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing or you might watch yourself following learned routines that seem more and more senseless in regard to your being. You might feel the sudden urge to leave everything behind or question your position in society.

That is why I said it really rocks and changes! Some people want to leave their families and all their life behind in search of their true path. Instead I advice you to change your perspective to see everything playful and find new orientation gradually. Without pressure you can enjoy every action with intention or simply change them intentionally to enjoy something different. The Dalai Lama tries to see the cosmic joke in everything. Try it, it makes life a lot more fun! Playfulness is a key to enjoying every days duties. Since no-one can put pressure on you you are free to do everything the best and enjoyable way you can. 

Reflecting Reality

Your change in perspective will lead you to see the world with new eyes. You might and should realize, that you were creating your whole life until now – if you believed it or not. You brought people into your life, you made choices that lead to outcomes, you engaged in behaviors, all by choice. There is and was always a choice. Being able to freely acknowledge this without guilt or bias is an indicator. Awakening means also recognizing and taking on responsibility for your life. The so called “Law of attraction” is suddenly clear to  you: you brought into your life, what you wished for.

With this new insight you might change your life on a most basic level – change your food with utmost conviction. With a deeper development you will realize that your body is like a suit for your soul and that you get out of it what you put into it. Treat it well, take over the steering and you will have never felt better, never become sick again and realize that pain is a sign for you and not a symptom, i.e. your intuition telling you something. Otherwise you know exactly what you did wrong. People tend to eat more lively food and tend to choices that do not harm any being, i.e. becoming vegetarian or even vegan. On the other hand, being vegan or vegetarian doesn’t mean that you are enlightened! You might feel a pull into nature. Surrounding your Self with something living (plants and animals) can become a direction if this means living in a rural area or having a garden.

You might start to question a lot of things in the world and society. In this case step back and look who is asking. For your Self all is bright and clear, only your mind wants to engage in intellectual debates. You know that changes start to arise when you start to be the change you want to see. Losing interest in politics and focusing on people and your environment is a good sign – simple ignorance is not a good sign.

Instead of leading your daily routine you might ask your Self what you are really passionate about and how you want to spent your time enjoying your life. Listen to your heart and be open to your Self. They will guide you to open doors and people that are waiting for you to change your world and therefore the world itself. That is where your “gut-feeling” kicks in! 

Have you ever heard people saying something feels right or wrong? That’s actually a thing with your Self. You can/must train your intuition. Listening into the quite your Self can tell you which way to go and what to do. For this to happen you have to get moving (do something) and to listen. Sitting around waiting for wonders to  happen – won’t happen! Going some ways, looking for directions, finding new orientation, “getting your groove on” … listen into your Self and you will recognize something that tells you right from wrong. Go for the right choices and lead a truly blessed life!

Leading your life this way, you will experience more and more something called synchronicity. Things seem to fall in place as you expected, people show up exactly as they should. It feels like wonders are happening but it is very simple: you are in sync with the universe! 

For me it happens even that I can foresee the future. Being fully aware of my surroundings and my life I can predict some things … and even change the weather, but that’s a totally different story.

In The End Lies The Beginning

We only scratched the surface with the most obvious signs or indicators that you are awakening or on the path to enlightenment. After going through the silence within, you will get glimpses like peeks through a keyhole. Beyond the silence there lies a new beginning and the understanding of what you are and where you go. And what you are to become was not even touched yet.

A warning I have to pass on for your way. Don’t look all the time for indicators, signs and wonders. Pantanjali called them Siddhis. You might acquire or be granted special revelations or abilities. You might again get what you wished for. If you are out for a trip to wonders that might exactly what you get. Enjoy the path of awakening. 

Everyone has to endure the same kind of burden or overcome the same height of obstacle. Since we all are differently equipped they will not look alike. What is easy for you, might be hard for me and the other way around. Insights and abilities might be burdens to get rid off! Don’t embrace them too much or even aim for them. You will get attached easily – and non-attachment is a key to real enlightenment.

One last indicator: You become really fearless. Leaving all attachments behind, what should you fear? 

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There is only love, beauty and truth.

Feb. 2019 by Anahel Arcturian for Stacie Overman

Author: Anahel Arcturian is a self-realized starseed from a higher dimension. He had to overcome everything as any human, forgotten who he was and what he was able to. He spent lifetimes and ages on earth as a healer, visionary, seer and creator and is now in this time of change here to help and guide mankind and earth through the shift to the fifth dimension. 

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