Would it surprise you to be reminded that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now?


Not despite all the uncertainty, change and confusion you may be feeling. But because of it. 


When you… stop…and breathe deeply, deep down you remember that you’re a (beautiful, exquisite) spiritual being (wearing some temporary, fleshy clothes). 


All this discomfort is provoking some of us to forget our spiritual origins. 


Comfort and normalcy seem to have left the building. 


But hear me out: consider how your specific situation and circumstances may be exactly what you need to help you grow and evolve. 


Each of us is having a unique experience (with unique challenges) during this time of massive change. 


If you are reading this article, I believe that you are right where you should be. Here are some potential signs to help guide you. 

1. Crying

If you’re doing more crying than normal right now, then you’re finding exactly the right ways to release your feelings and get them flowing. 


Did you know there are a lot of benefits to crying


Crying is actually a good thing! Releasing sadness is both healthy and healing. 


You may be shedding old emotional baggage that goes way back. 


Humans are highly motivated by the avoidance of pain, so feeling and expressing this sadness may have been a long time in coming. 


Ask yourself, what have I released? How do I feel now? 


Emotions such as sadness are also extremely helpful in revealing your deepest heart’s desire: by showing us clearly what we don’t want, we learn quickly what we do want. 


The tricky part is remembering that sadness has value and purpose. 


Accept and express everything that comes up, without judgment. See if you can honor yourself and all your feelings. 


Even if at times you’re feeling numb, notice and try to feel that too. 

2. Reactivity

Think of it this way: you’ve been given a gift. The gift of having all of your reactivity shoved in your face. 


It’s almost like you can’t not see it. 


Yes, it’s unbelievably uncomfortable. 


How do you respond? How fast can you forgive yourself and receive a “do-over”? 

3. See Yourself Through God’s Eyes

Photo by A. L.

Big change inevitably brings big changes in perspective, eventually


Often, it is only in hindsight that we learn the lessons that inevitably come from life’s major challenges. 


However, if you’re already wondering “what can we learn from all this now?” you are skipping ahead. 


You are already integrating and applying some of the lessons now, supporting others with courage, being kind, and seeing how these challenging times bring growth and learning! 


You are an advanced student. You are well on your way to fulfilling your soul’s purpose! 


Abraham Hicks calls this a “step 5 moment” (here’s a related video) – you are experiencing the challenges as they come, but you simultaneously recognize there is value here. 


If you aren’t already, consider journaling as a way to connect more deeply with your highest Self and Spirit Team. 


See what answers you get. 


If you decide that you could use some support for yourself right now, good for you. There are countless virtual options for you to access. You deserve it! 


See all your own beauty as well as your reactivity! 


See yourself with love. 


Try it, even if just for a moment: see yourself with love. 


Each moment, you get to choose your own perspective (again and again).


There’s never been a better time than now to choose self compassion.


4. Sometimes Things Seem Dark & Scary

Yes, of course things seem grim & scary! We’re in a global pandemic (although–hopefully–you are starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel!), and you’re human. 


But also, that’s the “negativity bias” speaking. Researchers have found that humans are hardwired to notice, dwell on and remember negative things more than positive. 


Cut yourself some slack and gently find concrete ways to give yourself a break from stress and worry. Here are examples of ways to soothe yourself: 


  • Practising gratitude
  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Moving your body, e.g., dancing! 
  • Reaching out to find virtual support
  • Connecting (see below)

5. Connection (in multiple forms)


Physically, we may be more disconnected from one another right now than normal. 


But unlike the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919, we have internet connections. 


And (when we remember) we have our soul connections. ♥️


Whether or not you are reaching out virtually to connect with loved ones and friends, you are likely recognizing and valuing the ways we are all interconnected. 


Simultaneously, you may be seeing more clearly the ways you tend to “over-extend” yourself. This is a signal to connect more deeply to yourself. Can you honor yourself more? 


Both of these approaches to connection show a high level of insight and wisdom. There is no one right way. 



You are a beautiful human being, deserving of love and joy. By recognizing all the ways that you are actually in the right place (now), you are offering yourself a well-deserved moment of peace. 


Here are a few comforting signals that you are where you are meant to be right now: 


  1. Crying: crying has many benefits, such as releasing old emotional baggage! 
  2. Reactivity: it’s there. And you are seeing it. 
  3. You are experiencing extraordinary moments of wisdom and love, despite everything that is going on! 
  4. Yes, sometimes things seem dark and scary. 
  5. You are recognizing the importance of connection. You are connecting with yourself, as well as others in new and non-physical ways. 

If you are seeking an extraordinary coach to help you through, here are some ways you can reach out and connect with Spiritual Guide and Author Stacie Overman!

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