Stacie Overman Angelic Psychic MediumStacie is an angelic psychic medium working on this Earth connecting with a large Host of Angels. With her Divine connection, she shares the unconditional love, caring, devotion, guidance, advice and support. Being the voice for the angelic host means that there is rarely a time when Stacie is not in tune with the divine!

Stacie’s Angel Readings provide healing, joy, empowerment, clarity and direction and are, at times, life-changing and transformative. Facilitating personal, emotional and spiritual growth, they help one deal with life’s challenges and uncertainty and are a very useful tool in providing confirmation for one’s own intuition.

With great care and attention, Stacie and Host of Angels bring forth individualized messages that help the client see their life from a higher spiritual perspective. In this way, it helps people to live their life to their greatest potential by honoring and acknowledging their Divine gifts, skills and talents. Readings are always delivered in a loving, honest and positive way that guides a person towards increased optimism, joy, peace, balance, and empowerment.

While a client might be more interested in clarity on a specific area of their lives, Stacie’s Angel Readings often provide insight on all areas. For instance, you might be searching for answers and clarity in relation host-of-angels-with-stacie-overmanto financial issues, emotional and physical well-being, relationships or a lack of self-worth. However, as Stacie and the Host of Angels see all areas of our life as being intertwined, you will receive guidance pertaining to aspects of your life that the Host of Angels feel is important for you to know now.

Stacie and her husband are living full time in their RV while traveling the US. She posts frequently what town they are headed to and when. If you would like to book a time to see her in person, keep watching her Facebook pages for the details. However, she would be more then happy to connect with you and for you via Skype. You can book a session with her 24/7 right from:  BOOK NOW.

Her next stop is in the Barboursville, West Virginia area.


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