Native American pictographs www.stacieoverman.comA high school friend of my husband called us up when we were still living in Odessa, Texas.  Her family had recently purchased a new home.  Unfortunately they began to experience strange and unexplainable things.  Like their couch being quickly pushed to the other side of the living room and no one was directly in that room.  Awaking to noise in the dining room and finding the chairs stacked on top of the table clear to the ceiling.  haunted house www.stacieoverman.comWhile we spoke over the phone I quickly started to feel that is was a Native American spirit that was left behind.  After sharing many things that the family could try to help the spirit move on we didn’t speak again for many months.

We traveled to the Reno, Nevada area this August.  Once we figured out we were able to stay a while we call our friends up to see if we could visit.  After arriving  at their home I was so amazed how clearly I could hear the sound of horses running.  As we visited they made no mention of the spirit bothering them in their home.  When all of a sudden I was shown an image that the family had done some type of ceremony outside of their home.  I brought it up to them and they were shocked that I even knew about this.  They showed me outside the area they did the ceremony and what they had researched to help the spirit move on.  I was so touched that they took the time and that all the family attend.  As we stood in their front yard I could see the horses circling around us and what looked like the Chief handing them something that looked like feathers.  This was their way of saying thank you.

Our friends have no longer had any crazy things happen in their home since.  It was such an honor to be a part of witnessing such amazing history from so long ago!  About a week ago we visited yet more friends or ours when we stopped over in Prineville, Oregon.  As we were leaving their home I noticed a beautiful walking stick with indian feathers hanging from the top.  These were the same looking feathers that I had mentally seen in Reno!  The connection was so thrilling to actually see this in real-time.

This weekend we were traveling once again.  This time through Southern Oregon.  We stopped in Lakeview to visit friends for a couple of days.  They were ever so gracious to show us around this beautiful area.  One amazing stop we made was to see a large rock with pictographs on it.  I am still trying to find the meanings of this artwork.  However we believe it would have been a Klamath tribe.

Southern Oregon Indian Rock Art Stacie Overman Southern Oregon Indian Rock Art www.StacieOverman.com Southern Oregon Indian Rock Art www.StacieOverman.com




Scientists believe that rock art was not generally developed as art for its own sake.  For the most part, these forms were created as a part of spiritual or shamanistic rituals and hold their meaning within that context.  Neither do they believe that pictographs, petroglyphs or petroforms represent any sort of written language although the elements of the art work may represent specific events or relationships.  Scientists like to classify things and rock art is no exception.

If you know more about this rock art I would love to hear your comments!

“There is something very intriguing about standing in exactly the same place that someone may have stood 6,000 years ago pecking this thing into a rock,” Micnhimer says. “There’s a real visceral kind of a feeling about it that probably has a considerable amount to do with why I do it.”

It has truly been an honor to have so much Native American history show up in my life over this last few months.  I know everything happens for a reason.  So I am totally going with the flow and embracing the new knowledge from our past.  I totally agree with Micnhimer about it feeling so amazing to be standing in exactly the same spot someone stood 6,000 years ago making this rock art!

Angel Blessings and Happy Travels, Stacie

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