For millennia, mankind has pandered the question of what happens to us after we die. Philosophers and church leaders have argued a range of ideas. Some believe we are born and then cease to be; they see no afterlife. For others, our physical bodies die while our souls go on to heaven or hell. But there’s another possibility, and now our understanding of past lives, or reincarnation, is growing in the western world.Past Life Reading www.stacieoverman.com

Researchers like Dr Ian Stevenson have spent decades collecting evidence that people live many lives, each time being reincarnated into a new body and a whole new life.
They study the stories of young children who remember previous lives, offering names and circumstances that are later verified as true. Most of the children recall previous lives where they died a violent death, suggesting a link between strong emotions and memories of reincarnation. Unfortunately, those memories tend to fade by the time the child is around 6 years old, so there’s a limited window to study those past lives.

Nobody really knows what happens during the period between lives, though there is evidence that this is a time of gentle learning and reflection, preparing for the lessons we need to learn in our next life. Often, we reincarnate with the same small core group of souls. Have you ever met someone who immediately resonated with you? Perhaps you loved them at first sight or hated them for no apparent reason. Chances are you’ve been with them through many lives, working and learning together as “classmates”.

It may be some comfort to know that the life you’re living is one that you’ve chosen, despite the hardships you may experience. We choose this life to challenge ourselves, to learn lessons that will improve all mankind. Universal Travel www.stacieoverman.comWe’ve all met someone who was a true“old soul”. Those people have lived many lives, being good students, learning valuable lessons and spreading their love and wisdom through the world. People like the Dalai Lama are classic examples of true old souls.

The majority of us have no recollection of our past lives. Although we might not remember the circumstances of our previous lives, some traces may still remain etched into our psyche. Old habits die hard! Perhaps you find yourself drawn to certain places where you’ve been. You might have a fascination with a certain period in history, or unexplained fears and phobias that just won’t go. These are often remnants from previous lives.

Wouldn’t it be nice to access information from those past lives? For some, hypnotherapy has offered enticing glimpses from beyond the veil. Often, patients have tried hypnosis to deal with phobias, anxiety, and more, but get more than they bargained for. One woman tried hypnotherapy for a severe phobia of water. Under trance, she described a past life as a young man, one who had drowned in a swollen river. Once she understood the reason behind her fears, her phobia quickly disappeared.

Stacie Overman Healer Psychic Medium
For others, a gifted psychic is able to contact the spirit world to access information on clients’ past lives. That’s where I come in. I’m able to contact spirits and angels, supernatural beings that guide me. They offer valuable insights into your purpose here on earth, helping to define your life’s path. Unresolved issues often disappear once you understand the true reason for your life.

Past Lives Humor www.stacieoverman.comDo you want to look into your past lives? Together with my partners in the spirit realm, those angels and spirits who honor me with their help, we can help. Contact me today for more information!

Angel Blessings, Stacie


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