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Frustrated not understanding what you soul mission in this incarnation is?  Well I have two amazing options for to help YOU understand your soul purpose!

One we can just cut to the chase and jump right in with a Soul Contract Reading.  Your soul chose your name before you came to this earth.  Your name holds a vibrational energy that set’s the stage for your life experiences (of course we add in free will to give it more of a twist).  So if this sounds like something your would like to understand let’s Book a Soul Contract Reading together!


BUT!!!! IF YOU ARE REALLY READY to truly understand the New You in this New Year!  Let’s talk about uncovering the many layers of what makes you tick.  What holds you back, and find out exactly what your God given gifts are and my gosh, HOW TO USE THEM. 🙂  I have an amazing 9 week New You program that many others have already graduated from!  They have experienced transformation change in their life and are using this new knowledge to not only better their lives but to help others as well!

I am soooo thrilled to be able to be the spiritual guide as you go through this New You program.  Helping YOU to dive deep into soul healing, spiritual protection, meditation and understanding your soul purpose.  You receive personal coaching for up to 12 weeks on this awakening journey!

READY FOR THIS?!  Let’s book a FREE Discovery Call  to make sure it is a great fit for YOU!  Why wait?  Now is the time!  You can enroll the same day as your call so you will be ready for the New You by Spring!


Also if you haven’t joined my tribe in the Free Facebook Group yet.  Please join me.  I teach something each week that could be helping you on this journey we call life.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN: http://bit.ly/2pynJf4

Happy New Year and may you fully experience the NEW YOU!

Blessings, Stacie

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