New Moon Healing Ritual Sept 19th 9pm ESTTonight there is new energy for this month. It is the energy of healing from tonight’s New Moon.

Now is the time to be kind to yourself. Since the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, many of us have experienced a rising of old and out dated things that no longer serve us. In fact many have posted in the group tough things that have come into the light for them.

Take a look at what has come up for you. What is in need of healing?

This beautiful new moon is allowing each of us to heal what is no longer serving us.

Tonight is the night to pull from within. Dust out the stagnant energy and heal the things that came to the surface. Bring light to the darkness.

Join me, Stacie Overman, TONIGHT at 9pm eastern time for a New Moon healing ritual FB Live in my FREE FB Group: Understanding Divine Messages  http://bit.ly/2ps77Dw

Angel Blessings, Stacie

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