My husband and I travel all of the United States. One place we love to visit is the beautiful state of Oregon! On our drive through Oregon this week we spotted at our friends private property to gather as much fresh spring water as we could. They have given us permission to stop whenever we are passing by. We also filled up enough to give to them when we see them.

What I love about fresh spring water is it is “living water”. What is living water? Well it is alive, unprocessed, clean and organic. Plus being living water it is also water that is moving, natural drinking water at its purest form.


What I love most about this water is there is no fluoride added. Fluoride blocks our pineal gland, our connection to Spirit. The eternal all seeing eye, which comes in through this pineal gland. When this gland has calcified it is blocking you intuition and that connection to your higher self. Which is a gift we all have. The psychic connection if you will.

It is best to store this water in glass containers but if plastic is all you have it or clay are the next best thing. I have a beautiful large glass container that I like to pour all our jugs into. I play beautiful positive music next to it and give this water extra blessings and positivity through prayer.

The natural cleansing that happens through the earth is just amazing! All soil has crystals. These crystals can be large or small but it all works the same with providing energy to spring water.   As the water filter through the earths surface it passing over lots of filter sources all while absorbing the electrical energy the earth’s crystals amplify that was drawn in from the sun. Not to mention absorbing the natural minerals.

A few benefits from drink living water is:

*Maintaining a healthy body weight

*Helps to digest food properly and absorb nutrients

*Healthy looking skin

*Detoxify your body naturally

*Delivers oxygen to the cells

*Balances your body PH

*Fights Bacteria and Viruses

I remember when I was battling breast cancer. Drinking water was so very important to flush out the harsh chemicals that I was receiving through chemotherapy. However it was so hard to drink water due to it tasted like ground up copper. I would recommend if you are going through chemo to try added a slice of cucumber to your glass of water. It helps cut back that terrible taste.  If you would like to learn more tips about food during chemo you can view my video here:  Tips About Food During Chemo.

I hope this inspires you to look for a fresh natural spring that is safe for drinking. Or reach out to a spring water company to order your water today!

I also love how getting our own living water gives us the opportunity to be out in nature. Getting some great “earthing” while collecting our water is such a treat for our soul.

Angel Blessing, Stacie


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