House Blessings Medium Stacie OvermanResidual energy from past events can cling to a house and property, sometimes lingering for centuries. This is especially true for strong negative energies, which can saturate the ground and fill every nook and cranny of your home.

Spirits and their energy can be very powerful. They can reach into our physical realm and cause chaos. One family was awoken every night by the television coming on, all by itself. Another family came home to find all the dining room furniture stacked in a tall pile, reaching up to the ceiling. In both cases, the owners reached out to me for help. I was able to restore a feeling of love and peace into their homes, while gently moving those spirits along.

A house blessing is the perfect way to cleanse your home of residual energy, protect your family and fill your home with healing energies. Some people want blessings for a new home, or to remove negative energy from previous inhabitants. A house blessing can even be part of your spring cleaning routine, filling your home with love, light, and peace.

People have performed house blessings for centuries. For small amounts of residual energy, you can burn sage or sprinkle salt around windows and doors. While doing this, it’s important to remember the power of intention; you want to say a prayer or affirmation to ensure only light, love, and peace are welcome. These blessings may have to be repeated on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness. However, they are not effective for strong negative energies.

If the energy in your home is powerful, don’t handle it alone! I can help. When spirits become trapped, they lash out. The negative energy might feel unbearable. I can gently move them along. Spirits and angels guide me during blessings, and together we bring love and light back into your home.smudge for house blessing www.stacieoverman.com

I use many techniques depending on your needs. That includes smudging with sage, plus the use of holy water, crystals, healing pendulums, and even sound to clear your home. One of my favorite tools is the Tibetan singing bowl which balances the energy in your home, transmuting negative feelings into heavenly positive energy which will extend to your own chakras. You will feel clean and clear, filled with positivity. Anything that doesn’t serve you, your family, or your home will be removed. It’s an amazing feeling!

Even better, I’ll teach you to maintain the flow of positive energies so you can keep your family safe in the future. After the negative energies have been removed, you get a beautiful Home Blessing Certificate perfect for framing. You can relax, basking in the love, light, and positivity that will fill your home.

I urge you to reach out to me if you need help. I can perform blessings in person, but if you prefer, I can also work live via zoom, video conferencing.

With a house blessing, you can feel comfortable in your own home knowing that nothing is welcome but love and light. Contact me today, and let’s talk!

Angelic Blessings, Stacie Overman


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