Now that we have “sprung” our clocks ahead this spring for Daylight Savings Time, I got to thinking about all of the ‘paying it forward’ thoughtful gestures my friends and family did for me when I was going through treatment for cancer. In those dark days, when my late husband and I were simultaneously fighting for survival, enduring treatments for cancer, and trying to put on a brave front for each other and our children, every little gesture, helping hand, acts of service and love will be forever cherished and remembered. In fact some of the ingenious things people did were so heartwarming and inspiring that I now remember to make sure to carry these sweet spots of love forward whenever I hear of a friend who is ill or in treatment for cancer.

A few of the things that put a spring in my step those dark days when I was tired and sick were the many meals prepared and placed in my freezer so that I could continue to eat and provide meals for my family when I didn’t have the strength to cook. Or the daily phone call from a friend giving a cheerful and loving message. Or the cards, lovingly picked out just for me. I guarantee you I read every word of the handwritten sentiments, cheering me on and letting me know that I was not alone. To realize you are held in the hearts of others when you are suffering is a lifeline.

If you decide to help someone in need, it doesn’t have to cost much, or take much time, but I can guarantee you that the recipient will be forever in your debt, and hopefully find another person in need to bestow the same kindness upon, showering those who suffer with a beam of sunlight to brighten the darkness in their days.

I hope that this message offers some inspiration for you to find ways to help someone in need this spring as we celebrate all that we do have, and honor all difficulties we have survived as we enter this season of renewal and growth. You can always join me in giving back through the new adventure I am taking with my book launching, Angel Kisses No More Cancer, paying it forward to donate a book to some cancer clients that have touched my heart.  They say hope springs eternal. I believe that when the trees blossom and birds build nests, and flowers pop through the earth, that every spring is a reminder that love is everlasting, that hope will return, and that our dark days will one day turn to light.

♥ Love and blessing, Stacie

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