Wish you could receive a gift that keeps on gifting?  Next week, everyone will be flooding the stores in person as well as online – shopping for the newest and greatest items for gifts and for themselves.

It is easy to spend money on this and that later sit back and think where did the money go and begin to wonder, what the heck did I even get?

Most of us also have a tough time thinking about spending money on ourself.  Especially if it seems like something that is not “needed.”  But, honestly, when was the last time YOU did something for yourself that was life changing?  Something that truly altered your life in a positive way so that you could align with more peace, love and joy?

Heck yah! It seems more fun to buy a big screen TV and comfy couch!  Thinking about spending hours of your free time glued to the TV and checking out of reality seems so much easier.

My challenge to you is to make a commitment to yourself for this upcoming year.  Commit to diving deep within yourself to shift your reality.  Instead of allowing life to happen to you and reacting to each wave that hits, become a co-creator of your very own reality!  Wait, what??  Yes, I said it, learn to be a creator in what YOU actually want in your life.  So you can have a fulfilling life.  So you can have the abundance your deserve.  So you can shift the trajectory of your life, sending it in the direction you were truly meant to travel.

Are you up for that?  If you are up for my challenge of creating the life you want and aligning with what your soul was meant to live, I have what you need.

For a limited time, the first 10 to enroll in my NEW YOU ABUNDANCE PROGRAM, will get LIVE teaching with me every month!!  If you enroll after the first 10 you will get to watch the recorded videos each month.  The is an amazing program that help you shift your scarcity mind set into and abundance mind set.  Help you to get your life on the right track.  The program is a monthly subscription for ONLY $44!  ENROLL HERE.

Still just want the TV?

You owe it to yourself and all those you influence in this lifetime to focus on becoming the BEST YOU that you came here to be.  Begin enjoying more peace, love and joy!

ENROLL TODAY CLICK HEREhttps://bit.ly/2DCGshq 

Angel Blessings on becoming the ABUNDANT NEW YOU!

Stacie Overman


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