Full Moon Ritual

Mediation To Release Fears with Stacie Overman

December 3rd, was the AMAZING SUPERMOON!! A SUPERMOON amplifies energies as well as you intuitive effects! This is the last month of 2017. So a PERFECT time to re-evaluate your future based off all your learned this year. It is a time to release any and all goals, intentions and plans that no longer serve your highest and best good. Things change and so there for what you thought was best for may simply not be any more for 2018.

Give gratitude and celebrate the successes of 2017. What a great evening for a fresh reset with the beautiful SUPERMOON!?  Celebrate and Release the past. Manifest your joyful 2018!

This video is a New Moon Ritual that you can use the same way for each New Moon.

Blessings, Stacie

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