Faith is a funny thing. Most of us have it but don’t think about it. Things happen all the time we can not explain. The dictionary meaning is: belief that is not based on proof.
For example gravity. We know it exists but we can not see it, can not hear it, nor can we not touch it. But we have faith that it is there. We can not see wind but we can see the trees move back and forth and the children kites up in the sky. Nor can we see love. We can feel how love makes us feel.

The same is for the spirit world. We know they exist, however we can not see them, at least most of us anyway. We pray to the holy spirit, we talk with them, we have memories of passed loved ones. We give thanks and send up our worries. We simply have faith they are there.  You may call them angels, spirits or ghosts, which ever works for you. They are with us every day. As you grow your faith and understanding of what you can not prove; you have an amazing journey ahead of you.

For your angels are sending you messages all the time. Have faith in your gut feelings, your visions or your just knowing thoughts. For they are communicating with you through these nonverbal means.

I recall years ago having a vision of what my purpose in life was to be. It was so clear and yet clear as mud. LOL But, I trusted that vision and based my life changing decisions upon it from that day forward. Many times I would accept a new opportunity thinking this is it! Then to find out that it was a bridge to get me closer to that purpose.

I hope you will take time each day to mediate to clear the chatter from your mind. Then listen to your feelings and or dreams. Take time to sit with the thoughts that pop in your head. Or the feeling in your heart. Write them down so you can look back and see that it was a message for you. Sometimes we can’t understand them till later on. Then they make so much since.

I hope you have a blessed journey! Have Faith!

Love, Stacie

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