How many of you have thought that same thing?  I have found the past has made me who I am today.  Good, bad, ugly and great!  I have also found many folks that hold on to the blame of who did what to them or who caused them heartache or trouble.  I have seen these people struggle for many years: frustrated and bitter.  Even some are feeling ashamed and holding on to false guilt for things they did in the past, even when they were children.


It is time for a fresh start!  Start TODAY!

As for the past we need to learn from it.  Take the good and with the bad; understand what we will do differently in the future.  The future is what ever you make it!  I always sent my daughters out the door with “make good choices”.  So as an adult I have even lived by those words myself.  In tough situations that seems to be going nowhere but bad.  I ask myself, “is this moving the marble forward?”  If what I am about to say or do isn’t helping to make the situation better.  Than I opt not to respond or not to respond in that way.

We all have things in our past that I call, yuck.  However changing your perception of the yuck to something positive can change your future.  Put’s a pep in your step, puts a smile on your face and changes your aura, clearing up your personal energy.  Making you an attractive magnet to good things.

So if you haven’t already, ask yourself to forgive yourself and forgive others that have caused you pain in your past.  Let it go, and start your bright future today!  Asking for all the gifts you have coming to you to start now!  What are you waiting for?  Just do it!
Hugs and Blessings, Stacie

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