In this video I share a misconception about Angels. As well as sharing how to call upon the Angel of the month for January which is the beautiful Archangel Gabriel. You will learn more about Gabriel and how, when and why you can call upon her to help you not only during the month of January but also throughout the year!

New Year New You!  Ready to ring in 2018?  We will begin the New Year out with January 1st being a Full Wolf Moon or Snow Moon, which of course stirs up the energy even more then the excitement of it being the new year.

Ways You Can Connect to This January 2018 Full Moon:

  1. Pick out a comfy place you can either see or at least sense the full moon.
  2. Light a candle.
  3. Light some incense or smudge to cleanse your space.
  4.  Call upon Archangel Gabriel to assist you.  Call upon your Spirit Team to join you as well.
  5. With a pen and paper write down 2017 was a transformational year because…, I am SO PROUD of…; be sure to include the goals you achieved, the personal growth you gained, boundaries you enforced, deep soul healing you did, gifts you learned you have, soul purpose insights you gained, new relationships formed or improved.  Anything you feel proud of!
  6. Reflect on all the blessings you were gifted or experienced.  If you need to take 5 deep breaths so you can truly since feel the sense of gratitude expanding within you.
  7. When you feel finished, read it out loud to yourself.  Allow yourself to receive the energy of blessings once again. SMILE and give gratitude to yourself for being the amazing soul having a human experience!
  8. Say THANK YOU to Source, your Spirit Team, Angels and Higher Self.  Also say, I am so grateful for the countless gifts and blessings I am now to receive in 2018!
  9. Blow out your candle.
  10. Place you lists where you can see them.  Maybe on your alter or other sacred place as a reminder.

*Reminder* Full Moons can impact you for up to 3 days prior and 3 days after the Full Moon!

So be kind to yourself!

Angel Blessings, Stacie Overman

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