Lessons you can learn from the flu


With the average person getting 200 colds in a lifetime, we are almost all vulnerable to the spread of pesky invisible bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

Is there something we can learn from suffering inflicted by microorganisms?

In today’s article we’ll explore 4 surprising practices that can make us feel better when we’re home, miserable and sick.

Pick one (or more), and see what happens!

I suspect that once you start reading these, you’ll think of more, so please post your thoughts & experiences below in the comments!

1 Practice Self-Compassion

It’s happened – you’re sick.

Don’t beat up on yourself up for any reason whatsoever.

Notice how completely unhelpful “blame” is – and kindly put away thoughts of blaming yourself (or anyone) – as they come up.

Instead, say these words: “I care about my suffering.”

Repeat often.

Consciously recognize the benefits of self-compassion.

Potentially, make it a new, life-changing habit!

2 Enjoy Rest!

Enjoy some rest, including a healing nap.

For this short period of time, your only job is to rest and relax. If you have a busy life, this is a rare luxury!

Yes you have a million things to do – but for now, rest, heal, nap, (watch something amazing on netflix!).

If you can find a way to relax and enjoy this rest period, you may find yourself healing faster, as described in this article by Dr. Matthew Edlund.  

“Rest is the original transformative technology. Through rest we rebuild, rewire and renew ourselves – literally..

3 Ask for Help / Allow for Help

Ask for help Allow help Give help

Remember how great it feels to help others?

Sometimes, we could use a helping hand.

When we ask for help, and allow ourselves to be helped, we are actually providing an opportunity for our loved ones to do good, and feel good!

We are letting a flow of loving energy complete a loop.

Most major religions touch on the idea of “rejoicing in the good deeds of others” – and we can benefit from practicing this too.

Of course, many people – women, men, introverts – struggle with asking for help.

If this sounds like you, start with something small!

Even simply noticing yourself saying “no thanks” to an offer of help is a good first step. Where are you blocking help? Why? Where can you say “yes please,” and what happens when you do that instead?

Try to embrace and explore this opportunity, if it’s appropriate for you.  

4 Thank You Microorganisms!

Gratitude. Is it counterintuitive to practice gratitude when you’re sick?

More and more evidence is emerging about the health benefits of practicing gratitude, even when there seems to be little reason.

Gratitude for your cozy bed.

Gratitude for a hot bowl of soup.

Gratitude for your cat who is super happy to have you at home today! : )

Gratitude that you get a chance to read this blog post instead of going to work?

Don’t you feel better already?! : )

Being sick is no fun.

But in order to squeeze lemonade from lemons, try these 4 practices to get well faster, and (of course) grow as a spiritual being having a human experience!

  • Self Compassion
  • Savour some extra rest
  • Ask & allow help
  • Gratitude!

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Guest blogger Andrea Schmidt is a Canadian artist, virtual communications assistant (graphic designer & content writer) helping to empower compassionate entrepreneurs to grow their business!

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