Understanding Your Supernatural Spiritual Gifts with Stacie OvermanABOUT THIS INTERACTIVE TRAINING
How do you know what you’re sensing in the Spirit? How do you know if you are sensing something in the Spirit or if it’s just yourself? How do you know what’s you or what is the people around you? You can grow in your gifting and partner with God and not be overwhelmed or confused by your gifting!
I will be breaking down what it looks like to have the feeler, seer, prophetic, and other giftings to know what your spiritual gifts are. I’ll be answering all of these questions, calling things out prophetically, and give you practical tools so you can be confident in using the gifts God has given you!
In this powerful training you’ll learn:
How to break partnership with things you don’t want to feel that are overwhelming.
How to stay aware of only God’s presence around you when you’re going through dark places.
How to know when you’re supposed to act on what you’re seeing, feeling, or sensing, and why you’re picking up those things.
Practical tools on what your gift is actually meant for, what it actually brings to the world. I also answer questions from people just like you!
What it practically looks like to go form constantly fighting under your gift to walking in it with authority and using the fullness of God with the giftings He has given you!
I’ll help you walk through closing doors where the enemy has had access to your gift and has brought torment. You’ll learn how to have your awareness be more of the heavenly realm instead of the demonic.
I am so excited to be releasing impartation and teaching to accelerate you in your gifting! You don’t want to miss this, and I can’t wait to see you inside!
God Bless,
P.S. This could be the thing that changes your life!
Module 1 Session 1: Identifying Your Gifts
Unit 1 Identifying Your Gifts  
Module 2 Session 2: What is Coming Against You?
Unit 1 What is Coming Against You?  
Module 3 Session 3: Cultivating Your Spiritual Gifts
Unit 1 Cultivating Your Spiritual Gifts  
Module 4 Session 4: Walking in Your Gifting
Unit 1 Walking in Your Gifting  
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