Congratulations! You're about to get started with your very own WordPress website. 

I'm so thrilled that you plan to join me for this training. It's my absolute FAVORITE mini-training to deliver because I see people having such AMAZING results and getting so excited about their business and their website again. 

So I'm truly honored that you made a decision to invest this time to grow your business and get really confident around your website.

We have broken the training into days for you so you can work through at a steady pace. But you're welcome to go through everything in one day if you prefer. 

This is not a huge time commitment. If you follow through the training videos, and spend 30 minutes a day on the tasks, you should have everything ready to get your website started within 5 days. 

I know that you're busy, but it is SOO worth scheduling this time into your calendar.

These videos will walk through everything you need in place to get started with WordPress.

Trust me, you're going to be amazed at what you can achieve in a week if you absolutely commit to it.

People who have run through this training, have gone on to build their own websites with huge amounts of confidence, and have been amazed by their progress - We can't wait to help you do the same.

Stacie and Team

Unit 1 Welcome - Pre-Work  
Unit 2 Day 1  
Unit 3 Day 2  
Unit 4 Day 3  
Unit 5 Day 4  
Unit 6 Day 5  
Unit 7 Day 6  
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