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After her battle with breast cancer in 2006, Stacie Overman was gifted with the ability to communicate with angels. In this inspirational story and guidebook, Stacie not only shares her touching journey but also direct messages from her angel guides as well.As a near-death survivor, spiritual guide, and co-creator in positive change, Stacie specializes in coaching and guiding beautiful souls to navigate and manage their spiritual awakening experiences and understand divine messages. Her soul purpose is to create transformational change in their lives and experience more miracles here on Earth. Empowering the next wave of woman way showers and lightworkers to be spiritual leaders by uncovering and understanding Their Great Assignment. So they can hear God’s voice, make right decisions and discover their soul’s purpose so they an step into their calling, impact the world and feel deep peace, connection, be loved and feel worthy no matter what.

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Stacie Overman’s “Angel Kisses” twines the joys and sorrows of life with cancer. From days at the chemo center to proposals at home plate, Overman is unflinchingly honest, unquestionably faithful, and unbelievably inspirational as she takes readers by the hand and introduces them to the unexplained interventions of a God who’s with us in the good times and the bad.

~Bob Welch

Author, speaker, and award-winning columnist and a writing teacher.

“Stacie Overman’s incredible story of a family facing and overcoming cancer inspired me to see my own life with a fresh perspective and humble appreciation. With empathy, she conveys beautiful higher truths learned – in a way that is grounded in reality – including some of the gritty “nuts and bolts” of the experiences. Not insignificantly, the book is a beautiful celebration of Stacie’s second husband, Hank, which I am thankful for.”

~ Andrea Schmidt

 A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Abstract Art

“In 1998, I lost my beloved Judi after a valiant three year odyssey with cancer.  It was a time of discovery, deep faith, and personal insights for both of us. Stacie Overman’s Angel Kisses No More Cancer brought tears to my eyes as she shared the “grace and grit” of her personal battle with cancer and the loss of her partner, Hank. Her story of love, loss, courage, healing, and inspiration is one that our world needs and needs now! Thank you, Stacie.”

~Victor Fuhrman, Host and Producer, OmTimes Destination Unlimited

“I’ve experienced firsthand how God uses specific soul connections to catalyze change and awaken gifts. When one reads Stacie’s story, such a divinely orchestrated shift in paths is obvious!”

~Kerry McQuisten,

Publisher Black Lyon Publishing, LLC

“Stacie has opened my mind and heart to the idea of Angels. This book is an amazing story that shows the journey of a truly inspirational spiritual teacher.”

~Racheal Richard

Breast Cancer Survivor / New You Coaching Program Graduate

“I was an awakened being since early childhood; however, I blocked my gifts due to fear. Since I’ve met Stacie Overman, a Divine spiritual master, I was always fearful; now, by being a member of her group and her support, I am ready to discover my soul purpose.”

~Leslie Elizabeth

Member of Understanding Divine Messages

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