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Gain clarity and certainty on the biggest decision of your life.

  1. 3 Steps to finally hear and discern God’s voice so you make right decisions on your: unhappy marriage, a soul draining job or find your something more.
  2. Discover if you have a supernatural spiritual gift to share with the world.  Often this can be the “something more” you are searching for.
  1. Learn how to break the façade of a deeply unhappy marriage or a soul-draining job, find that “something more” your soul is yearning for.
  2. How to understand your greatest assignment.
  1. A process to help you SEE what you’ve been avoiding or ignoring for way too long.
  2. 6 things that you need to do to get on your right path.
  3. The next step to break the chains and make the right decision on your marriage or job.

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