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Stacie Overman
Stacie Overman

Spiritual Coach & Author

Stacie Overman is America’s #1 Deep Soul Healing™️ Coach, Life Calling Specialist, Author and Inspiring Speaker.  Guiding successful faith-centered and spirprofessional married women.  That are deeply unhappy in their marriage, feel disconnected, and unfulfilled.  And/Or  Feel a strong inner nudge there is something more they are meant to do but they are frustrated because they can’t figure out what it is and they are afraid time is running out.  She successfully guides women to heal their hearts by using her 6 step Deep Soul Healing process.  She has facilitated client breakthroughs for hundreds of clients around the world.

    What other people are saying about Stacie Overman’s training:

    Before working with Stacie my life was difficult to navigate through and seemed hopeless.  I now have peace, love and joy back into my life.  I healed my heart that had been closed.  I have a purpose now and I am following a path that God has brought me to.  This program is showing me that I’m definitely where I’m supposed to be.

    ~Kim Kotomski, Senior Financial Assistant

    I felt there was something bigger for me in life and experienced many “coincidences” and “odd” things. Stacie’s coaching is NO JOKE!  It made my soul happy! She is an amazing teacher, mentor and soul sister for life.  It’s amazingly positive and uplifting! It has given me a very clear direction on what I want to do with my life.

    ~ Trish Cadden  Sr. Quality  Assurance Analyst

    I cannot express just how happy I am now!  Stacie’s coaching helped me to live my life on purpose and begin to feel I had importance in this lifetime. 

    ~ Becky Keefer, Retired, & Happy Grandma

    I was unhappy in my marriage, just going through the motions and the same cycle repeating over and over for years.  Not sleeping, weight gain, depression and anxiety and longing to hear God clearly before moving forward on making some kind of change.  Frustrated with knowing I was settling for less than for many years.  In this short time I have already gone from being the victim of my circumstances to taking ownership of my reality.  Making changes so to stop the cycles to be a powerful creator!   I am already feeling more peace in my life!

    ~ Kerry R., Channel Sales Liaison
    I had truly lost myself and was at the end of my rope before finding Stacie!  I had been praying for someone like Stacie! I regained my happiness and peace.  I am now the original me!

    ~Maira Padilla, Spiritual Counselor

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