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From: Stacie Overman



You were meant for great things in this life. You are meant to lead a happy and purposed filled life and not feel lonely.  Plus, there is so much more that you came here to do in this lifetime so you can feel complete.

I know how to get you to this new place. And exactly how to get you there so you are not having to stay awake each night worrying about your health or if you are doing the right things that you were supposed to do.

Look, I know you are feeling incomplete and like there must be something more in this life. Feeling like you are doing this alone and worried if you are going to make the right decisions. I say this because I used to be there too…

But, what if I told you there are a number of things you can do to bring peace of mind, happiness, reconnection and in turn; better health into your life without having to see more doctors and be on more prescriptions or even possibly having to lose a relationship or worst yet losing your own life?

And these aren’t the quick fix couple of videos or another book to read or even a one weekend event that “should” have you living the life of dreams kind of stuff you have already tried…

But, the kind of things that will help you find that true you and more days with laughing and actually being happy and not wearing a mask any more. Having confidence is who you are and what decisions to make.

So you can live on purpose, experiencing more peace; more freedom to enjoy family, friends, and beach time!

See, over the last 15 years I found ways to heal myself on a mind body and soul level, after battling cancer and then losing a husband to that same terrible disease, as I began to get better.  There’s one thing that I absolutely know. I know when you do the inner work, healing on a deep soul level and giving it 100%, you will change your life.
This is exactly what I deeply want for you!

I also know that the quick fix stuff that many are sharing will not create the full transformational results you are praying for.

That’s why I want to give you much more than that… there is no one teaching this the way I am.

I want to gift you some insight on how you can shift your life today so you can begin to start living the life you really enjoy

I am guiding tired souls to turn their emotional and physical health around so they are living a happier and longer life so they can enjoy their grand babies. Also showing them how to remove what is preventing them from being able to understand divine messages clearly, and understand their supernatural gifts; not to mention, how to use them – is my unique gift…and I’d love to share it with you!

Do you want to know God’s plan for you?

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What some of my clients have said…

Stacie’s coaching helped to change my life in that I feel supported.  Being a strong person, I have often felt ill supported as I was always propping others up. Best investment I have made in myself!  I feel this year in the Mastermind Coaching we are both going to grow in profound ways and there is no one I would rather do that with.

Julie Richards, Management Analyst, and PhD candidate

This kind of coaching has been invaluable for me.  I have come a LONG way…It has changed my life!

Darian Denman, Business Owner

Since the loss of my son, I have experienced a pain in my heart for my son that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life!  WOW, after following Stacie’s coaching… the physical pain in my heart is GONE!  The best decision I ever made! It has truly changed me forever.

Kristen J., Happy Wife, Mother and Accountant

I felt there was something bigger for me in life and experienced many “coincidences” and “odd” things. Stacie’s coaching is NO JOKE! It made my soul happy! She is an amazing teacher, mentor and soul sister for life. It’s amazingly positive and uplifting! It has given me a very clear direction on what I want to do with my life.

Trish Cadden, Sr. Quality  Assurance Analyst

I had truly lost myself and was at the end of my rope before finding Stacie! I had been praying for someone like her! I regained my happiness and peace. I am now the original me!

Maira Padilla, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

I love the confidence I have now! Feeling true happiness and peace along with owning my divinity! Stacie has given me so many practical tools that I knew I was missing and didn’t know how or where to find, and I’m so incredibly grateful for her practical, yet really spiritual approach!

Dr. Erica Risberg, Podcast Host and Producer

Working with Stacie brought me to a deeper understanding of who I really AM! My soul was truly touched and motivated by working with her. Stacie has been a gift from God!  I now understand that I can be first. And I deserve to be happy and fully engaged in my best possible life. I am now living my soul purpose each and everyday. She changed my life!

Debbie Motyka, Spiritual Intuitive and Divine Channeler

I cannot express just how happy I am now! Stacie’s coaching helped me to live my life on purpose and begin to feel I had importance in this lifetime.

Becky Keefer, Retired

I’m the best me I’ve ever been thanks to Stacie!   I am now able to coach clients of my own due to working with Stacie in her amazing Mastermind.

Jess Henry. Veteran

From the first minute of getting to know Stacie, she not only inspired me to believe I could achieve more, but she encouraged me to do so. She has a giant heart and a firm resolve to see others excel. This is a winning combination for all who work with her.   

Liza Jane Wolf, Coach

After the loss of my husband it was hard work to dig deep and release so much. I am a much better person for myself, son, family and friends. Stacie is the real deal and as a skeptic and researching her before hand; I found Stacie is a genuine person who seeks to help the world. I look forward to working with her more soon.

Bethzaida Casado-Williams, Spanish Interpreter

I was able to discover my supernatural gifts with Stacie’s coaching and guidance she helped me tremendously. Stacie really changed my life! She is truly an Angel on this earth.

Adam Reeder, Site Railroad Facility Manager, Veteran




P.S.  I truly want you to thrive NOW, so I’ll even throw in an additional gift for you:

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