I just wanted to give a “shout out” to Stacie Overman, a member of Dedicated Creatives and an Angelic Psychic Medium & Angel artist. While scrolling through this group’s intros, I noticed her and because I had some unanswered questions, am making some major life changes, and hoped to get in touch with a loved one that had passed a few months ago, I decided to book an appt. First off, Stacie is adorable! We Skyped and Stacie is so energetic and sweet with a playful voice that is warm and welcoming. I had no apprehension and but immediately felt at ease . Stacie was able to utilize her psychic abilities to get my questions answered and I did get to hear from my loved one….along with a few others. From booking the appt to the actual appt itself…the process was smooth and professional. but I highly recommend Stacie to anyone that is searching, has unanswered questions, looking for direction or is curious about their angels and the power of their presence or all of the above! I have such peace right now and am happy I followed my intuition and made the call.

~Ingeri Belill ~FL


Stacie is an incredible source of relief for those in resistance, a light to those who are in the dark. My session with her was completely accurate and she was just as excited as I was. The most profound moment with Stacie was when she was communicating with a family member of mine who had passed several years ago and joined my Spirit team. I had a childhood full of abuse behind closed doors and a couple of years ago I faced my reality and exposed it. Since then I have been comforted by many and been able to heal aspects of it. Yet a part of me still felt invalidated because there was no one in my childhood that witnessed any of it. All of that ended with my session. My guide told Stacie that she had seen my childhood and she was very sorry that no one here understands. Nearly two weeks later I still cry at the relief of knowing this, a feeling I was ready to die with gone, my inner child has been seen. I highly recommend her for all. I was inspired to her work even though I had no direct question and Stacie is an but I came out more whole than ever.

~JLyn Marin ~FL


Thanks so much for the reading today Stacie! Good to hear my Mom pop in through right away. Gained a better understanding about my Angel team that I didn’t know I had. I will use the insight I received to move forward in a more loving manor and to start loving my life again. I will definitley be scheduling another session soon. Thanks again!

~Jeff Johnson ~OR


I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Divine Angel reading from Stacie Overman. As it was my first psychic reading experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Stacie did a great job explaining everything in detail, answering and addressing all of my questions and made me feel completely at ease.
I was so pleased with the Divine message that I received during our session and the knowledge that I gained from it. What a gift and blessing it is to have someone as kind and special as Stacie to have that experience with! I can’t wait for a second reading!!! Thanks again for such a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity.

~Kelly Kaiser. OR


Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to have Stacie conduct an Angel reading for me.  I have to say this reading surpassed any of my expectations!  Stacie has a warm, personal, and comforting approach. Her insight and ability to communicate with Angels and loved ones that have passed on has me completely awestruck.  Stacie informed me of very personal events in my life that I had not shared with anyone.  During my reading Stacie shared a communication from my Grandmother that was very warm and personal. Stacie was completely 100% accurate in all of her information that she shared. This was truly a divine interaction.  It has been a few weeks since my reading and I’m still thinking of the wonderful experience.  Being so impressed and touched by this reading I share my reading information with my family.  They too were shocked by the accuracy of the private, intimate details that Stacie provided that she would only have from her ability to communicate with the Angels.   I highly recommend Stacie as your connection to the Angels. 

~Gretchen Smith –CA


It took me some time to think about what I wanted to say about my experience with Stacie and I believe I have finally found the words.  It’s hard to imagine someone we love passing on from this life and even harder to imagine them at peace in the afterlife maybe because I don’t understand it completely or maybe because I was not willing to let myself believe they are still around me.  Either way I found out that they are still here with us and they do have messages to give.  Whether or not we choose to listen and see the signs there are spiritual people like Stacie on this earth who can hear and understand them.  Stacie and I were just having a conversation one night at my house and out of the blue she asked about my grandmother (passed 2011).   Now the person I am asked questions to no end and finally asked her to ask my grands about mashed potatoes. The sweeping motion she made up her arm and the moment she told me what she saw would forever change the way I see the spirit world and those who guide us to messages.  Might I add that Stacie had just met me a few hours before but all in all my grands had found a beautiful soul to speak to and I heard those words.  Thank you Stacie for sharing this experience with me and for helping me to better understand. My world is definitely a little brighter knowing the ones I love are at peace.

~Markell Kelley -New Mexico


Let me start off by saying I was a huge skeptic. I have had readings before and they were so generic that 9 out of 10 things fit for the majority of most people. When I sat down with Stacie I was like, here we go again, another generic reading. I was surprised….it was not generic at all, but dead on! She told me things that only I would know and even a few things that I had forgotten about. I cannot say enough about her. She is an amazing person with a truly amazing gift. She also surprised me when we walked into a room of a historical hotel and I saw her grab her head in pain. She told me that someone had been hit in the head in that room. She then corrected herself and said “no….shot”. We spoke with the owner of the hotel and he told us that someone had committed suicide in that room in the 1920s. He had shot himself in the head! I am still a skeptic, but absolutely 100% believe in Stacie!

~Rick Park -KS


You meet a lot of people in your life time. However to meet someone who can be used in her gifts to bring God’s healing to a soul that has been locked up in deep sorrow and hurt for 35 years. One thing I know is WE limit God. GOD CANNOT be limited. The word says that we have not because we ask not. Well this has been a healing that I believed God for and he delivered. We may try and label and limit God but we will NEVER guess what, when, and how God provides what we ask for. His ways of answering our prayers. I believe that Stacie was/is his willing vessel that he used to free me from those many years of torment and into a full forgiveness. I pray that God will continue to use her any way he See’s fit to use her. Also that she continues to be obedient to his voice in commune with angels who intervene on our behalf. I am grateful for being blessed and feeling free. Thank you Stacie.

~Faye Garcia -TN


My sweet mom passed away in June. Stacie and Larry were brought here on business and wanted to rent my moms house. It was hard to let my moms house go, but once my husband and I met Stacie and Larry we knew we made the best decision of our lives. Stacie told me my mom talked to her. I was very hesitant until she told me things there was no way she would know. I truly have been blessed with an Angel in my life.

~Tammy Compton -TX


My angel message from Stacie was absolutely indescribable, so amazing to be able to hear that I was not alone and had all the love and I support I needed to get through my trying times. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this Devine message of love!

~Wanda German -OR


Stacie Overman enveloped me in a misty sense of awareness as she focused in on two very special loved ones, who are residing in heaven but made their presence known loud and clear.   With a big smile and passionate joy for connecting with the powers that be, she brought me a lovely angelic message from my grandmother and mother.  In addition, she gently provided me with an important insight about myself which was a serendipitous much needed reminder of my boundless strengths.  I highly recommend this beautiful angel light to anyone, wether it be a message from our dearly departed or a life question you may be toiling with.

~Theresa Engle -OR


By destiny, I found Stacie through a close trusted friend. I was completely overwhelmed and a bit lost dealing with all the medical problems of my 1-year-old daughter. I didn’t know where to turn for non-judgmental guidance (I had too many different doctors and loved ones telling me different things).  I gave Stacie one photo (taken with my phone), my daughters name and her date of birth. I’ve never met Stacie face to face and we even live in different time zones. Within a couple days Stacie sent me a reading that was right on target. It was like she knew us and what was going on. She helped lift some of the fog that was clouding my head.  After she explained how she came to her visions, I felt a sense of calmness knowing we weren’t alone and that loved ones and angels were constantly watching over us. It gave me a whole new perspective on how to handle my daughters’ illness and to ask for help when I need it, both physically and spiritually.  Thanks again, I am truly grateful!

~Elena V. – CA


I just had an amazing experience with the help of Stacie..she opened up my chakra’s to release the pain in my knees doing a little Reiki using gem stones and more.  It’s hard to believe, but she is truly amazing!  If you have pain or need a reading to connect with loved ones or any advice on spiritual stuff that might need clearing up ~ please visit her site or get ahold of her.  She will do an awesome job for you like she did for me.  Thank you so much Stacie Overman!

~Duane Roberts – West Virginia


Stacie gave me a past, present, future reading. She touched on several things I have gone through and am currently going through. Stacie made the connection that this year has been transitional for me. In addition she “felt” pain in her back and arm before she pulled my cards. I had just told my aunt about my back and arm hurting from the way I slept. Great reading!

~Jules Villarreal -TX


Stacie has an amazing gift! She did a head, heart and soul reading for me a few months ago and I felt the need to reviewed it again today. The message is still clear and again I was reminded of where I am and where I need to go.  Her message was spot on and helped give me a renewed sense of purpose despite recent setbacks. Sometimes we all could use a little divine guidance. Thank you Stacie!

~ Daniella M. –CA


Thanks Stacie, the experience was great and I felt like I gained a sense of closure that no one else could have possibly granted. I felt as if my mother was truly with me. I am more than grateful for the connection and will definitely be doing another reading with you! You’re an amazing person with an amazing talent. 💖

~Georgia Brown -OR


Stacie gave a spot on reading, and was able to touch base on each corner of my life. I loved it!

~Jessica Peterson –OR