Monthly Angels and How to Call Upon Them

July Angel Verchiel with Stacie Overman with BONUS READINGS!

How to call upon Angel Verchiel in the month of July.

Bonus Card Readings for Fire, Water, Earth and Air


June Angel Muriel with Stacie Overman

Call upon Muriel when ever your emotions need to get under control.


May Angel Ambriel with Stacie Overman

How you can call upon the angel for May to help you with truth and clarity.

April Angel Asmodel with Stacie Overman

How to call upon Asmodel to help you with patience and beauty as well as with continuing to climb on your new path. I hope you find peace and understanding for the month of April and how to call upon Asmodel.

March Angel Machidiel with Stacie Overman

Angel of Courage that helps stir up the fire in your belly to encourage you get that project started you have been wanting to do.


February Archangel Barkiel with Stacie Overman

You will learn more about Barkiel and how, when and why you can call upon him to help you.


 January Archangel Gabriel with Stacie Overman

In this video I share a misconception about Angels. As well as the Angel of the month of January, Archangel Gabriel. You will learn more about Gabriel and how, when and why you can call upon her to help you.